Twiga Metal building insulation is a lightweight, strong, resilient and easy to handle flexible rolls/slabs of Fiber Glass Wool composed of fine, stable inorganic non combustible glass fibers bonded together by a non water soluble and fire retardant thermosetting binder.

Features & Benefits

  • Light Weight, soft, resilient and non sticky can be unrolled easily over purlins facilitates fast and easy application.
  • High thermal resistance or R value, for effective thermal insulation. Maximize thermal comfort by minimizing Heat gain.
    (In a typical PEB structure, the roof accounts for approx. 40% to 50% of total heat gain, while walls account for approx. 15% to 20% of heat gain.)
  • Non Combustible tested as per BS 476 part 4 and ISO 1182, IS 3808 & IMO (FTP). Safe application and use.
  • High NRC & STC (average range of NRC is 0.75 to 1.20. and STC properties in double skin metal roof system ranges from 35 to 41) values leads to Noise Reduction and provides effective acoustic insulation from heavy rain and outside noises. Glasswool can be used in internal partitions in addition to roof or wall
  • Cost effective. Minimize energy loss, cooling load and operating cost for Air conditioned building - Life long energy savings. Low operating cost.
  • Durability – Non-corrosive properties (free from impurities like sulphides, chloride and metal shots) & chemically inert resulting in Long product life
  • Prevention of moisture condensation
  • Non Hygroscopic
  • High variety of roll lengths can be provided (from 7.5 m to 30 m) to match building design and to minimize number of joints. (Can be easily cut and fold to accommodate openings through insulation. Flanges are provided for easy stapling to make an uninterrupted layer of glass wool)
  • TWIGA MBI is available with a factory applied Aluminum foil backed up by Scrim and Kraft-paper (FSK), High strength polypropylene based & High strength Meshless Aluminum Facing (HSMAF) or other specific vapour barrier facings like (WMPVR, ULTIMATE WHITE)
  • Odourless, inert and fully compatible with all standard building material components
  • Does not encourage growth of fungi & vermin.

Tools needed for Installation

Tape Measure, sharp knife/blade, straight edge & strapping equipment

Installation Guidelines

  • a) Spread and fix 75mm x 75mm x 1.6 mm GI weld meshes of suitable dimensions over the purlin with the help of mechanical fastners / GI lacing wire.
  • b) Lay Twiga Resin Bonded Fiberglass insulation material of specified density and thickness,( having suitable factory applied facing with projections over) weld mesh keeping the facing downside. The 50mm facing projections over Twiga fiberglass insulation are used as overlaps to join the rolls together.
  • c) Fix the roofing sheets over the insulation with the help of mechanical fastners.

Handling & Storage

Store product under cover and in dry conditions. Store flat. Handle with care, especially on the edges and corners, which can be damaged if subject to sharp or heavy impact.

Architectural Specification

Insulation material for Metal Roof shall be lightweight blanket of non combustible Bonded Fiber Glass Wool Insulation having thermal resistance R 1.5 (24KG/M3-50 mm) / R 1.28 (16kg/m3-50mm) / R 2.5 (16KG/100mm) suitably factory laminated with appropriate vapour barriers.