PEB and Steel Buildings

Twiga Metal Building Insulation

Twiga metal building insulation is flexible, long and resilient insulation blankets suitable for thermal and acoustic applications in metal buildings such as Pre-Engineered Building (PEB), and Light Gauge Framing System (LGFS). These type of insulated steel constructions are suitable to build factories, textile mills, warehousing, exhibition centres, airports and other infrastructural constructions. Twiga provides customised solutions for all types of metal building insulation applications.

PEB Insulation Solution

  • Roof and wall insulation with long, flexible glass wool insulation suitably laminated with aluminum foil (FSK) or polypropylene based facing material (WMP). The insulation rolls have flanges or extension of facings on one or both ends of the width. It helps overlapping and joining the insulation during installation.
  • The insulation laminated with standard FSK and low strength polypropylene (WMP VR, WMP 10) are laid on weld mesh that spreads over purlin.
  • The insulation laminated with high strength FSK, high strength polypropylene (WMP 50) and Aluglass cloth can be spread over purlin without weldmesh support. It can be stretched and fixed between top roof sheet and purlin.
  • Insulation retrofitting under existing metal roof or wall (Fig 5) are done with the help of steel wires or sometimes with wire mesh. The wires or mesh holds the insulation rolls against metal roof sheet or wall cladding.

Physical Features

Roll length

Thickness (mm) 75 50 25
Length (m) 7.5 - 10 7.5 - 20 10 - 30

Width and Facing Flanges

Width of insulation 1.2 m 1.15 1.1
Facing flanges No flanges 50 mm flange or extension of facing on one side of the insulation 50 mm flanges or extension of facing on both side of the insulation

Facing Options:

Type of facing Standard Strong
Aluminum based (silver coloured) FSK, R 3035 R 3035 HD, Aluglass
Polypropylene based (white coloured) WMP VR, WMP VR R Plus, WMP 10 WMP 30, WMP 50

Choice of facing on the non-exposed side (for better handleability): FSK, Fiberglass tissue.

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