Residential Building

Twiga Insul is one of the most compatible thermal and sound insulation material for residential buildings. Depending on building design and intended energy efficiency the insulation material can be tailored made.


  • Reduction of heat gain from the roof and wall.
  • Helps to save energy and running cost of air-conditioning system.
  • Reduction of sound transmission from outside to inside and vise-versa.
  • Completely fire safe or non-combustible in compliance with National Building Code 2016.
  • Sustainable – long performing life with minimum maintenance.


Roof insulation:

Underside of the external roof can be insulated with Twiga Insul rolls or boards and then concealed with any type of false ceiling system. This results in significant reduction of heat gain during summer thus maintain thermal comfort and reduce energy cost of the air-conditioning system.

Wall insulation

Walls that are exposed to external heat can be insulated from inside part and suitably concealed with wall lining system made of either gypsum boards or cement boards. This helps to reduce heat conduction as well noise transmission significantly, so that building occupants can live comfortably.

Recommended products

  • Twiga Insul – glass wool rolls and boards.
  • Twiga encapsulated rolls.
  • Twiga acoustic boards.

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