Ship Building

Twiga Insul MWMB (Mineral Wool Marine Board)/MFRB (Mineral Fiber Resin Board) are an appropriate certified insulation material that helps in creating and sustaining an environment of human comfort in the ships while these ships are subjected to extreme ambient conditions (temperature/humidity).

Twiga Insul MWMB/MFRB boards are used for exposed structural boundaries such as the shell, bulkheads, and decks (the shell boundaries and decks of ships are critical paths of heat flow) to thermally separate the compartments.

Twiga MWMB is a special product made out of the resin bonded glasswool conforming to Naval Engineering Standard 802 Part 1 issued by Ministry of Defense Sea System Control and NCD 1427 Issue 1 2012 by Directorate of Naval Architecture, Naval Headquarters (with marginal differences). As the name suggests MWMB is manufactured in board form with smooth surface finish. As per the requirement it can be in various specified thicknesses. Top layer and edges are properly laminated with Type E low alkali glass cloth.

The thickness and weight ranges from 25 mm to 75 mm and 2.09 kg/m2 to 5.03 kg/m2. with a density of 56 kg/m3.

Twiga MFRB, available in board form, is without facings and is available in the density of 24kg/m3 to 48kg/m3 and meets the requirement of DGS 8863 A.

As safety parameters are critical, the most stringent requirement of fire properties is met by Twiga Insul MWMB and MFRB.

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