Twiga Eco Insul

Twiga Eco Insul (TEI), a new generation glass wool insulation introduced by U.P.Twiga Fiberglass Limited. It’s a high performing insulation solution for thermal and acoustic applications. Eco Insul is soft to skin, odourless and formaldehyde-free. The product is completely fire safe (non-combustible). It fulfils all the requirements of National Building Code, 2016 - Part 4: ‘fire and life safety’ and Part 8: ‘Building Services’ –Thermal insulation. The insulation meets all mandatory and optional requirements of IS 8183, too. It is available in flexible blanket/roll form and semi-rigid or rigid board form. Several factory-applied laminations or facing options are available with Twiga Eco Insul products for better vapour control or noise absorption as per application requirements.

Technical Parameters

Thermal conductivity (method of test IS 3346)
Product code TEI-750 TEI-1000 TEI-1250 TEI-1500 TEI-2000 TEI-3000
Density (Kg/m3) 12 16 20 24 32 48
Thermal Conductivity* at 25° C mean 0.04 0.0375 0.036 0.0327 0.0316 0.0295
Tolerance: +/-5%

Fire parameters
Parameters Non-combustibility Ignitability Fire propagation Flame spread Class 0
Result Designated as P (not easily ignitable) 16 I << 12, i1<< 6 Class 1 Class 0
Standard BS 476 part 4 BS 476 part 5 BS 476 part 6 BS 476 part 7 BS 476 part 6 & 7
Environmental parameter
Environmental parameter Result Test standard
Formaldehyde content Not detected ASTM D 6007-02
Parameters as per IS 8183: Bonded Mineral Wool Specification
IS 8183 test Parameters Results Test method
Incombustible (Loss of Ignition < 5%) Comply, LOI < 5% IS 3144
Moisture content Comply, < 2% IS 3144
Recovery after compression Comply, >90% IS 3144
Fiber settlement under vibration and jolting Comply, negligible IS 3144
Shot content Comply, Nil
Odor emission Comply, Nil IS 3144
Mould growth Comply, Nil IS 3144

*Comply all mandatory and optional requirements of IS 8183.


  • Pre-engineered buildings - roof and wall insulation.
  • Built up roofing for exhibition hall, airports, stadiums etc.
  • HVAC duct thermal, duct acoustic and mechanical room.
  • Under-deck insulation for RCC roof.
  • Cavity wall insulation- masonry constructions.
  • Drywall partition.
  • LGFS and Pre-fab structures.
  • Wall lining in multiplexes, auditorium, or any other acoustic sensitive area.
  • Ceiling insulation.

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