Twiga Glass Surface Tissue

Twiga Surface Tissue as the name suggests is a very thin tissue of glass made of randomly oriented glass fibers distributed in a polystyrene binder.

Surface Tissue having excellent chemical and weather resistance is very smooth and porous and lies underneath the gelcoat.

Twiga Surface Tissue is ideal for improved surface finishes and imparts added strength to moulded FRP products. Once fully hardened and sealed with resin or a gelcoat, glass is waterproof, relatively light weight and when done properly, it is extremely strong. It is reasonably inexpensive when compared to the alternatives.

Twiga Surface Tissue is available for both Pipe and Tank Winding (with Insoluble binder) and Hand Lay Up application (with soluble binder).

In Pipe Winding application, Twiga Surface Tissue can improve the product surface property on corrosion resistance, compressive strength, seepage resistance and longer service life.

In-Hand Lay Up application, Twiga Surface Tissue is used in the product with a complicated geometric curve. With the advantages of good pattern fitness, quick resin permeating, Twiga Surface Tissue can improve the intensity and corrosion resistance of the products. It is also suitable for spraying; pattern pressing and other FRP pattern technology. It is the essential content of the glass products and high-quality pattern.

  • Imparts a reinforced resin–rich surface for general FRP products.
  • Suitable for hand lay-up or press moulding where intricate contours are present and also for pipe and tank winding application.
  • Multicompatibility binder results in softer and more flexible tissue and improved surface - laminate bonding.
  • Resin - rich surface prevents crack formation and improves visual appearance of the final product.

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