Flexible Ducts

Twiga Flexible Duct designed for HVAC systems is light weight, strong, fully flexible, and compressible yet dimensionally stable.

Twiga Flexible Duct is made of double lamination of films permanently bonded to a coated spring tough steel wire helix. Thermal efficiency is provided by wrapping the exterior with a blanket of glasswool insulation in various densities and thicknesses for required thermal resistance. The outer jacket is made of double laminated film with glass yarn reinforcement, which acts as a vapour barrier as well.

Twiga Flexible Duct can widely be used in all Air Conditioning / Ventilating Systems including commercial, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and many other industrial and residential applications.

Twiga Flexible Ducts come in a variety of styles and constructions and provide the most economical solution to your air handling needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Air tight – no air leakage, no fiber erosion.
  • Core material – low friction loss, strong and flame resistant.
  • Vapour barrier – reinforced for maximum toughness and tear resistance.
  • Wire – strong and non corrosive.
  • Modular and economical air distribution system with maintenance free life - high degree of flexibility which allows it to be connected to any desired position.
  • A quick and economical means of correcting misalignment between system components.
  • Available as bare and pre-insulated.
  • Reduces total installed cost – fast and easy to install.
  • Allows ducting around obstacles where fabricated and fitted ducts would be difficult and costly to install.


Insulated Flexible Ducts

Standard Length: 25 ft. / 7.5 m
Diameter Range : 100 mm to 500 mm (4” to 20”)
Maximum Rated Velocity : 4000 ft /min
Temperature Range : 0-90 degrees Celsius
Maximum Rated Positive Pressure : 10 inch Water
Maximum Rated Negative Pressure : 1 inch Water
Standard Insulation density : 16 Kg/m3
Standard Insulation Thickness : 25 mm
Insulation R Value : 0.64 m2K/W
Fire Rating : certified as per BS 476 Part 5, 6 & 7


Uninsulated flexible duct shall be made of double lamination of metalized polyester film permanently bonded to a coated spring steel wire helix. Duct shall be in tear and puncture resistant construction.

Insulated flexible duct - Inner core should be made of double lamination of polyester film permanently bonded to a coated spring steel wire helix. Blanket of glass insulation of R 4.2 (RSI - 0.76 m2K/W) having density of 24 Kg/m3 and thickness of 25 mm shall be wrapped over the inner core and covered with tear and abuse resistant outer jacket cum vapour barrier made of fiber glass reinforced double layer of metalized polyester film laminate.

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